Diet plans and types explained

Following a diet of one kind or another is perhaps more common today than it has ever been. If someone mentions they are 'on a diet' you might instantly think that they are trying to lose weight. However a weight loss diet is just one type of diet.

People commence on diet plans for a wide range of reasons including weight loss, increased energy, muscle growth, body repair, combating of illnesses and diseases, prevention of allergic reactions and avoidance of hyperactivity and depression. As you can see the food you eat can have a profound influence on your physical and mental being.

With the highly varied aims and requirements of different dieters and their diet plans as illustrated above it is no surprise that there are a large number of diets that can be tried and tested. Some diet plans will be absolutely no use to you as their end objectives will not be the same as what your personal requirements are.

In these diet pages we aim to outline the basic principles and aims of many of the well known diet plans that exist. This will hopefully provide you with a basic knowledge that you can use as a base to further your understanding and choices. Please consult your doctor or health professional before making any changes in your diet.

Atkins Diet Detox Diet GI Diet
Gluten free diet Grapefruit diet plan Green Tea Diet
Low calorie diet Dieting for weight loss  

At Happy Juicer we believe eating a well balanced diet that contains plenty of vegetables and fruits is a sensible way to approach eating. Try and choose a diet plan that supplies all your nutritional needs. Fresh home made juices can help supply a wide variety of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals.

If weight loss is your objective then try to accompany your diet with exercise and follow a diet where the weight loss is gradual rather than drastic. People who go on a 'quick fix' diet to rapidly lose weight tend to rapidly regain the pounds very quickly when they come off the diet.