Buy wheatgrass online

Buying wheatgrass online is an attractive idea to many people who are interested in juicing wheatgrass. Unfortunately we cannot simply walk into our local supermarket and buy wheatgrass off the shelf as we can many other juicing ingredients. Even your local health food store is more often than not devoid of stocking wheatgrass.

What are the options for buying wheatgrass online? The first option is to have freshly cut wheatgrass sent out to you. The wheatgrass is put into food grade sealable plastic bags to ensure that the wheatgrass is kept as fresh as possible before it ends up in your juicer. Many people find this ideal for taking to work or travelling. Cut wheatgrass will keep fresh for 7 days in a sealed bag in the fridge.

The second option is to buy trays of wheatgrass that are within a day of of optimal harvesting time. You can then harvest the wheatgrass at home yourself. This option ensures your wheatgrass is fresher than pre-cut wheatgrass.

The third option is to buy a wheatgrass kit which enables you to grow your own wheatgrass. These kits include wheatgrass seed, some organic compost and trays to grow the wheatgrass in along with instructions.

Important – before you buy your wheatgrass make sure that your juicer is capable of juicing wheatgrass.

Many juicers such as the Champion, and L’equip 110.5 are not capable of juicing wheatgrass. Wheatgrass capable juicers include the L’equip Visor, Twin Health Juicer and Green Star GS1000.