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Freshlife Sprouter

The Freshlife Sprouter from Tribest makes sprouting so easy with its automatic sprinkling system.

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Ease of use10/10
Dimensions (l x w x h)285 x 285 x 345
Weight2.2 KG (3 KG boxed)
Warranty12 months

The Freshlife Automatic Sprouter makes growing nutritious, tender and tasty sprouts a breeze. It is very economical to run and also gives you a convenient, tidy method of growing your own wheatgrass.

The Freshlife has an automatic watering system that sprinkles water over your sprouts and operates on a timer. This means that your sprouts are rinsed when needed, even if you are out of the house.

Growing your own wheatgrass has never been easier. The generous height of the sprouting barrel means that you can sprout wheatgrass. It also means that other larger sprouts such as sunflower work well in the Freshlife.

The Freshlife comes with the water barrel which houses the motor and one sprouting barrel. You can expand the Freshlife by buying an extra sprouting barrel that sits on top of the first sprouting barrel (illustrated in the picture). This means you can enjoy double the amount of organic fresh sprouts without using up any more worktop space.

Those who wish to grow a continuous supply of wheatgrass may need two Freshlife Sprouters with the extra barrels.

Each sprouting barrel contains a tray that the seeds rest on and another tray which covers the seeds and prevents excess direct light reaching them. As the process of sprouting occurs and the sprouts grow they push the tray up letting more light reach the sprouts through the side of the barrel. The trays have dividing ridges on them to enable you to grow 4 seperate types of sprout on each tray.

The Freshlife Automatic Sprouter is very economical to run and cleaning is easy as the barrels and water tube can be quickly rinsed every few days.

When combined with our organic sprouting seeds you can confidently know that you can grow and eat highly nutritious food all the year round that is free from pesticides and other chemicals used in modern farming.

For indoor use only in room temperatures of 65F to 85F(18.3C ~ 29.4C) for the sole purpose of growing sprouts and cereal grasses and for no other purposes.

General sprouting times are around 4-6 days depending on the varieties that you are sprouting. Some varieties may take longer.