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Green Star GS1000

Multi award winning juicer suited to those looking for maximum health benefits from their juice. Capable of juicing vegetables, wheatgrass, leafy greens and fruits.

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Ease of use9/10
Juice quality10/10
Ease of cleaning8/10
Juice preparation time8/10
Dimensions (l x w x h)470 x 160 x 310 (mm)
Weight9.5 KG
Warranty5 year parts, 2 years motor
Available ColoursWhite
Juices Wheatgrass?Yes
Other infoJuices all types of produce, easy to use, very high quality juice.

The Green Star GS1000 is a heavy duty, twin gear juicer that creates juice that is high in nutrients. Twin gear juicers are the best domestic juicers for those who are looking to gain maximum health benefits out of their juicing routine.

The Green Star is well known by those in the juicing community as a very high quality juicer and has probably won more awards than any other juicer including our own 'Best Health Benefits' juicer award. It is very versatile and will juice vegetables, wheatgrass, fruit, herbs and leafy greens.

The juicing produce is fed into the twin gears that are spaced very closely together. The gears crush and press the produce to break the plant cell walls. This releases the juice and the nutrients the cell contains.

The twin gears operate at the slow speed of 110 RPM and so introduce little air or heat into the juice. This helps preserve enzymes and nutrients in the juice and the energy giving properties of these help to describe the 'living juice' aspect of juice produced with twin gear juicers.

It also means oxidation of nutrients is much reduced and so juice can be stored in the fridge until next day and still retain a very high proportion of its nutrient content.

The twin gears contain bio-magnets and these are thought to increase the level of nutrient extraction and help to extend the period of time the juice can be stored before it starts to lose its nutrient and enzyme content.

These factors mean that you can make juicing more convenient for todays busy lifestlye as you can make a large batch of juice one day and save some for the next day. There is then no need for veg chopping / cleaning / assembly of the juicer on the second day.

The juice yield from this machine is excellent. The pulp is very dry which means you get the most from the ingredients that you put through the juicer making it a good long term investment.

Juice quality from the Green Star is excellent. It is rich, deep coloured and tastes great.

The Green Star can also be used as a whole food processor, with different screens making it possible to make sorbets, nut butters, pates, baby foods, frozen fruit desserts and much more. It is a favourite in the kitchen of people who follow a raw / living food diet as it can be used for so many other things, not just juicing. The Green Star Gold is the big brother of the GS1000 and comes with extra attachments for making other types of delicious whole foods.

We love the Green Star juicer for its ability to make great quality juice, its great juice yield and its strength at doing a great job of juicing almost anything. If you have the budget and are serious about the health benefits that you want to receive from your juicer then you should definitely consider it.