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Spirulina Tablets by Health Elements (500 tablets)

The most nutritious natural food known to man. Contains an abundance of vegetable protein, vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll and essential fatty acids.

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Spirulina is a tiny (fraction of a millimetre in length) blue-green alga that has a spiral structure. It is often referred to as the most nutritious food known from any natural food, plant, grain or herb. Spirulina stores and converts the suns energy into an abundance of proteins, vitamins, minerals and more.

Spirulina is an absolute powerhouse of nutrition and contains an abundance of essential fatty acids, proteins , chlorophyll, anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals including vitamin B12, VitaminE, iron and calcium.

It has the highest concentration of protein (over 60% digestable vegetable protein). It also contains the highest concentration of beta carotene.

Health Elements Sprirulina is cultivated in South India in a remote hamlet where there is no ground water contamination and the temperature is ideal for growing high quality, highly potent spirulina. The spirulina is cultivated in a specially controlled environment that is free from artificial herbicides, pesticides and fertilisers to ensure its purity and potency. It is non GMO.

Health Elements Spirulina has been tested and analysed in a number of laboratories to verify its potency and nutritional content.

Spirulina has a large amount of chlororphyll (11 - 13g/ KG) . Chlorophyll benefits us in a number of ways including cleansing and increasing the oxygen carrying capabilities of the blood.

Its wide range of nutrients make it suitable for a number of health uses such as detoxing, supplying energy, maintaining health, building healthy tissues and weight loss.

100% Certified Organic - by institute of Markokoloie (IMO), Switzerland as per USDA NOP.
Mild in taste and has better odour - as a result of special cultivation and processing methods.

Also available in in the form of spirulina powder. which can easily be stirred into your juices and smoothies.

100% suitable for vegetarians.

Directions for using Spirulina tablets

To start: 1-2 grams (2-4 tablets/capsules) per day for one week

To maintain: 3 grams (6 tablets/capsules) per day

To optimise: 3 grams 3 times daily Best taken after meals with at least 1 cup fluid (juice tastes best). To curb appetite for natural weight control, consume 15-30 minutes before meals.

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