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UDO's choice Ultimate Oil Blend (500ml)

This organic nutritional oil blend is packed full of Essential Fatty Acids and Vitamin E for healthy looking skin, nails and hair.

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UDO's choice Ultimate Oil Blend is the most popular nutritional oil in the UK. It is recommended by two of the UK's leading nutritionists, Dr Gillian Mckeith from the 'You are what you eat' TV show and Patrick Holford.

The Ultimate Oil Blend contains an abundance of essential fatty acids (Omega 3, Omega 6 and the beneficial Fatty Acid Omega 9) as well as Vitamin E.

Healthy looking and feeling skin, nails and hair are just some of the beneficial results that are the result of taking the Ultimate Oil Blend every day.

The blend of Essential Fatty Acids are formulated in a blend of 2:1:1 (Omega 3 : Omega 6 : Omega 9) which is highly beneficial to those whose diet is lacking in Omega-3 as well as 'low fat' and 'no' fat diets that are common place today.

Udo's Choice Ultimate oil blend is made from a blend of flax, sesame and sunflower seed oils, coconut oil, evening primrose oil as well as non GM lecithin, and oil from the germ of rice and oats.

It is certified organic and endorsed by the Vegan Society.

Vitamin E helps neutralise free radicals that are present in the body.