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EasyGreen Automatic Sprouter

The EasyGreen sprouter has a number of features that aim to make organic sprouting a simple hassle free process. The EasyGreen automates the process of watering and drainage as well as the oxygenation of the sprouting environment. With this automatic sprouter you will be able to produce a daily supply of organic home grown sprouts.

If the sprouting environment is too warm then the sprouts will develop mould and rot. The EasyGreen mists the sprouts with both air AND oxygen. This cools the sprouts and provides oxygen to the seeds and the air in the sprouting environment.

EasyGreen Timer UnitYou can configure the timer settings for the misting process so that it suits your climate. The hotter the climate the more frequently you will set the unit to mist the sprouts. This means you are in total control of the humidity in the sprouting environment. The timer unit can be set at 15 minute intervals.

The EasyGreen comes with 5 cartridge trays for growing your sprouts in and these fit neatly into the main body of the EasyGreen. Larger trays can be added to the system for growing larger volumes of sprouts and will fit neatly with the smaller cartridge trays if required.

EasyGreen sprouter profile

The EasyGreen drains the used water away through a 3 foot long drainage tube to a collecting vessel such as a bucket or large pan. The water is not redirected back into the units water tank. This means that only fresh water is used when misting your sprouts, the toxins and microbes from the used water are therefore not reintroduced into the sprouting environment. Liquid organic feeds such as Kelp can be added into the water tank if required and will be misted onto the sprouts. There are transparent sides to the water tank that allow you to easily monitor the water level without opening the unit up.

Seeds do not need to be pre-soaked before placing in the EasyGreen, you can put your dry seeds into the cartridges and the EasyGreen automatic misting solution will do the rest. The manufacturers claim that the oxygen and water misting process can speed up the sprouting process from seed introduction to harvesting by 20 - 40%.

EasyGreen Sprouter is versatile

If growing wheatgrass then the EasyGreen will support both soil and hydroponic methods of growing wheatgrass. The growing compartment is of a generous size and will house more sprouts than most sprouters but if you decide to expand your sprouting of seeds, grains and beans at a later stage then the EasyGreen should be able to cope with your needs. You can stack up to 5 EasyGreens on top of one another.