Cleaning your juicer

There are many plus points for juicing but for most people, cleaning the juicer is not one of them.

When choosing a juicer one of your considerations should be 'how easy is the juicer to clean?'. The easier it is for you to clean your juicer is to clean the more likely you are to use it. Thankfully today’s juicers are relatively straight forward to clean but as we will see they do vary in their ease of cleaning.

Some tips for cleaning your juicer

Always clean up as soon as you have finished making / drinking your juice. Juice and pulp will initially rinse off in luke warm water easily and nothing could be easier but as the juice / pulp dry off they will become sticky and become 'glued' to the juicer parts. This means that you will have to scrub / use hotter water / more soap to get the dried on juice and pulp off.

Use the right tools for the job. Some parts of the juicer will rinse / wipe clean easily but the most tricky part of the juicer to clean is normally the juicing screen which seperates the juice from the pulp. The juicing screen is normally made from a fine mesh (like a very fine sieve) and fine strands of pulp tend to get lodged in these holes. The best type of tool to clean the juicing screen with is a brush (e.g. a nail brush / tooth brush / vegetable scrubbing brush) under running water as the brush bristles do a good job of getting into the fine holes in the screen mesh.

If you are using a non-pulp ejecting centrifugal juicer then a spatula that fit snugly inside the basket is an invaluable time saving tool for emptying the pulp out of the basket.

Use of a dishwasher is suitable for the removable parts of some models of juicer but check with the manufacturers instructions and make sure the warranty is not invalidated by placing removable parts in the dishwasher. If in doubt then hand wash.

If you use your juicer more than once a day do you need to clean all the parts each time you use it? Some juicers have more removable, more fiddly parts (such as twin gear juicers). If you are going to juice later in the day you can simply stand some of the parts in a bowl of water in the fridge or wrap them in clingfilm and put them in the fridge. They can then be used later in the day and then cleaned properly after the last juicing episode of the day.

Juicer type effects ease of cleaning

When talking about cleaning the juicer we are really talking about disassembling the juicer, cleaning the different parts and reassembling them. The easiest of all juicers to clean would be the manual citrus juicers. Centrifugal juicers are fairly simple to clean with the juicing bowl the basket sits in, the pulp basket and the lid.

Twin gear juicers and single gear juicers are slightly more fiddly to disassemble and assemble as they have more parts.

The Norwalk Juicer is probably one of the most fiddly juicers to clean and this is reflected in a longer cleaning time.

For most juicers, 2-5 minutes is the time required to clean and reassemble your juicer so it is ready for the next juice making event.