Juice and smoothie ingredients

There are many different ingredients that can be used in your juice recipes and smoothie recipes. Some of these ingredients primary purpose may be their nutritional content, others may be used primarily for flavour, some for both nutrition an flavour.

Some of the most commonly used juice and smoothie ingredients are listed below with links to information on what to watch for when using these juice ingredients, including the health benefits of the juice, ingredient ripeness detection techniques and the occassional trivia fact.

Health drink ingredients

Alfalfa sprouts Apple juice Beetroot juice Blackberries
Blueberries Brocolli juice Cabbage juice Carrot juice
Celery juice Cherry juice Cucumber juice Fennel juice
Garlic juice Ginger Grapefruit juice Grape juice
Honey Kiwi fruit juice Lemon juice Lettuce juice
Lime juice Melon Natural (live) yoghurt Nectarine
Noni juice Orange juice Parsnip juice Peach
Pear juice Pepper juice Pineapple juice Plums
Pomegranate Radish juice Strawberries Tomato juice