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Bad customer Service - Won't replace defective Juicer

Rating: 1 out of 5

Added by George Yan from Atlanta, GA on 5/6/2010

I bought a champion juicer couple of weeks ago, The juicer is house hold model 2000+. It looks fine but produce very little amount of juice. I used some carrot and celery for juicing, but only 1/5 cup juice was produced from the champion juicer.I called the company about the problem on the juicer. They asked many questions and finally I was told to sent back the juicer and them will replace it.

The customer return department manager called me and told me that they will not replace it since it was a old model. I told him that I just bought it few week ago and it has 5 year warranty on it. The manager still would not replace it for me. I asked him: "is this mean that the 5 year warranty means nothing?" He didn't have a word and just told me that he won't replace it for me anyway.
I called back the company couple of minutes later. A lady anwsered the phone. She seems know who I was. She told me the same thing. She said they tested the juicer and nothing wrong. I said:"I am operating the juicer right and very little juicer came out, I don't think I don't know how to use a juicer" But she keep saying that the juicer was tested fine and they will not replace it for me.

So, don't buy Champion juicer! The warranty on it doesn't mean anything. and it doesn't work!

I Highly Recommend This Juicer

Rating: 5 out of 5

Added by Jean from Mason on 3/5/2009

I have used all sorts of juicers over the decades, centrifugal, single screw and twin gear. After buying a Champion 2000 juicer from Wholistic Company I realise I have the juicer of my dreams. It juices whole carrots so I don't have to cut them into pieces any more. It powers through both vegetables and fruit and never clogs up with soft fruit the way my slower juicers did yet it gives me the same richer more nutritious juice, unlike the thin watery juice I got out of my centrifugal juicers. The Champion 2000 is so fast and easy to clean under a tap, especially with the brilliant vegetable brush that was included as a free gift with my juicer. It is so solidly built it looks like it will last forever, no cheap plastic here. Learn how to use it properly and you won't have any problem. I can't recommend the Champion 2000 highly enough.

this is the champion of all juicers

Rating: 5 out of 5

Added by ron from london uk on 1/4/2009

i bought my champion from the usa about 8 years ago i have tried other juicers but none can make juice this good + it is easy to clean great.

Not what I hoped for

Rating: 2 out of 5

Added by Glenn from England on 10/16/2008

I have had a philips hr1861 juicer for 18 months. I loved it and decided to 'upgrade'. I bought the champion. NOT as good as the philips centrifugal by a long shot. In my opinion the philips is more stylish it's faster it's quiter and the juice yield is as good with a less 'pulpy' juice. I will sell this and get another philips.


Rating: 3 out of 5

Added by Daniel from Santa MOnica on 8/26/2008

This juicer is great if your juicing fruits and veggies like celery. But once you start to juice Kale, Parsley, Cilantro, then forget it. This juicer heats up big time! Causing your juice to become very warm. And it doesnt juice these veggies as thoughrouly as I would like. I wish I would have waited and saved up a bit more money and bought a better juicer. But for now its making my morning drinks. Kale, Celery, Beets, Ginger, Parsley, and Cilantro. But it comes out way to warm!!!

Review of Champion 2000+ Juicer

Rating: 3 out of 5

Added by Rob from Calgary, Canada on 2/29/2008

I have had this juicer for w while now. It works well, but it takes a couple minutes to get out and set up. I am sick of the clean up so I just ordered the breville juicer. Also it can't juice wheat grass, bananas or quite a few things. Overall decent, but many improvements can be made.

Review of Champion 2000+ Juicer

Rating: 3 out of 5

Added by G.T. from Atlanta on 7/14/2006

I bought the Champion 2000 a week ago and I'm trying to convince myself that it's worth keeping. I've been using an Omega centrifugal juicer for years, but I wore it out. One thing I don't like about centrifugal models is the clean up. It's very time consuming and it's a pain to stop in the middle of juicing to clean out the basket. In this respect, the Champion is a joy to use. Clean up is very easy.
Now for the things I don't like. The feed chute is very small. It takes a while to cut up the fruit and vegetables. The pulp is very soggy, but that may just be the way these juicers are. The feed rate is very, very slow. Again, that may come with the model type. The juice has a fair amount of foam in it and quite a bit of pulp. Neither really bothers me; just an observation.
This may sound negative, but it's not. I'm just surprised, that's all.

Review of Champion 2000+ Juicer

Rating: 5 out of 5

Added by Paul from Bath, UK on 10/7/2005

I have the silver model and it looks very nice on my kitchen worktop. It is at its best when juicing hard fruit + veg such as carrots. The screen that seperates the juice from the pulp sometimes needs clearing, especially if trying to juice citrus fruits. This is my second juicer (had a cheap centrigual juicer before) and the difference in the quality of taste / pulpiness of the juice is noticeable. Cleaning the juice isn't too bad once you get familar with how to put it together / dismantle the parts to be cleaned.

Review of Champion 2000+ Juicer

Rating: 5 out of 5

Added by BBop from NYC on 10/7/2005

This juicer makes high quality juice with very little pulp. It is also a fair bit quicker to make juice with then my friends twin gear juicer. I agree with the Happy Juicer review in that it is an excellent juicer for doing veggies and fruit with. It is slightly noisy but I can put up with that for the juice it makes. Since I have started juicing regularly with my Champion I really can notice the difference in energy levels.

Review of Champion 2000+ Juicer

Rating: 5 out of 5

Added by Lori from Miami, FL on 7/21/2004

We had bouht a juicer several years ago, but came to hate the clean-up so into storage it went. My husband came upon the Champion at a price he couldn't beat and well it's been the best investment we could have ever made. We love this juicer! I don't think I could use anything esle ever again! Super easy to use and clean up (just rinse under cold water). Now we drink fresh homemade juice almost everyday! Buy one if you can!