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Peach Beach Smoothie

Serving: 1 long glass

Smoothie ingredients

2 ripe peaches
1 mango
1/2 Lemon
1 handful white seedless grapes OR 1 cup white grape juice OR 1cup filtered water Handful or two of ice cubes


You would feel right at home drinking this at a Hawaian styled poolside bar overlooking the beach. This recipe sends a delicate fizz across the taste buds and is highly refreshing. Make sure your peaches are ripe for maximum juiciness and taste.

This smoothie recipe is a great immune booster and is also great for helping achieve healthy looking skin as it is loaded with vitamin C and vitamin A. Mango provides vitamin C and vitamin A in abundance and peaches and lemons are also bursting with vitamin C. If you are out in the sun the antioxidant properties of vitamin C will help protect your skin although it is by no means an alternative sun block! All these fruits are also good sources of natural sugars and so would give you the energy for playing beach volleyball / going surfing or equally active, non beach activities.


Cut the mango in half and remove the stone with a spoon. Remove the mango flesh and chop into chunks.

Discard the mango skin. Wash the peaches, cut in half and remove the stones and then chop into 1 inch chunks.

Chop the lemon in half and extract the juice from one of the halves by using a small hand held citrus reamer or a fork.

Blend the ice briefly in your blender / smoothie maker until it is of 'crushed ice' consistency, remove the ice and place it in a glass. Add the grapes / grape juice / water to the blender followed by the lemon juice, mango and peach.

Blend until smooth.

Pour the smoothie mixture into the glass over the crushed ice. Serve straight away. You can adapt the thickness of the drinks texture to your taste by using more / less grape juice / water.