Speedy Berry Skin Preserver

Serving: 1

Smoothie ingredients

Blackberries (100g)
Honey (10ml / 2 teaspoons)
Royal Jelly (5ml / 1 teaspoon)
Unsweetened Soya (Soy) Milk (275ml)
Vanilla Extract (3ml)


Can a smoothie be made quicker then this? Requires no washing or peeling. Even small children can make this in a couple of minutes The berries are packed with antioxidants that help skin to stay looking younger for longer. Soya Milk has many benefits although many shop bought soya milks are heavily sweetened with processed sugars. This recipe uses unsweetened soya milk which has a slightly bitter flavour. This is offset by the addition of honey and vanilla extract.

The Royal Jelly adds an extra health boost and has long been associated with maintaining youthful looking skin.


Even young children can easily make this smoothie recipe. Adding soy milk.
Blending the blackberries, soy milk and other ingredients together

If using fresh Blackberries then look for shiny, deep coloured berries and use them within a day or two of purchasing. You can also use frozen mixed berries or blackberries or blueberries. Put all ingredients except the royal jelly in the blender and blend till smooth. Add the royal jelly at the end.