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Watering Hole

Serving: 1 large glass

Smoothie ingredients

1 ½ cups watermelon
1 Pear
1 cup strawberries
&frac; cup low fat natural live yoghurt OR ½ cup ice


The benefit of the watermelon seeds is that they are an excellent source of roughage that helps to clear the digestive tract. In fact this recipe with the pear and strawberries is a great source of fibre which is important for a healthy digestive system.

Strawberries and watermelon are a good source of vitamin C. Watermelon is a source of vitamin B6 which plays a part in the growth of new cells, assisting the immune system and may help prevent skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and dandruff.


Dice the watermelon (remove some seeds if you have the patience). Wash the pear and cut it in half and them remove the core by making two narrow, lengthways cuts that meet in the middle. Wash the strawberries and remove their tops. Put all ingredients into the smoothie maker or blender and blend all ingredients till smooth.

The watermelon seeds give the smoothie a bit of a rough texture that some people aren’t keen on.

If you aren’t keen on the smoothie texture with the seeds in then you can either try the fiddly job of deseeding the watermelon before juicing or try juicing the watermelon and use the juice as the smoothies liquid base.