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Watermelon Fresh

Serving: Serves 1 large glass

Smoothie ingredients

1 mug watermelon (diced)
4-6 mint leaves
1 mug natural low fat live yoghurt
1 glug of runny honey (to taste)


This is one of the best thirst quenching smoothie drinks you can get and a delightfully simple recipe. Both watemelon and mint are cooling, fresh ingredients. The scent of mint is invigorating and when combined with the natural unprocessed sugars in the watermelon will help give you an energy lift.

Watermelon also contains lycopene, a compound that has helps fight cancer. Live yoghurt contains friendly bacteria that establish themselves in your gut and combat nasty gut bacteria that cause stomach upsets / food poisoning. Mint helps settle a stomach and aids digestion.

Whether drinking as a refreshing summer afternoon drink or having it for breakfast this smoothie is sure to give you a lift.


Chill your water melon first so that it has an even greater cooling taste and effect. Remove the watermelon flesh and deseed it. How thorough you are at deseeding will depend on how much time you have / how bothered you are about having bits of seed in your drink. After deseeding cut the flesh into chunks and put in the blender / smoothie maker with all the other ingredients. Whizz till smooth.

If you like you can get the most out of your watermelon by juicing the rind of the watermelon once you have cut out the flesh.

Discard the skin before juicing the rind if you are wary of pesticides and bugs. Add the rind juice to the rest of the ingredients before blending.