How much wheatgrass juice should I drink?

When entering the world of drinking wheatgrass juice many people make the mistake of consuming too much juice. It must be noted that the composition of wheatgrass juice differs significantly from other juices and it has a much more intense detoxing action than other fruit and vegetable juices.

Don't be put off drinking wheatgrass juice by underestimating its potency and drinking too much on your first outings into drinking wheatgrass. People new to taking wheatgrass should start by consuming 1oz of juice a day, then after a week build this up to 2oz a day (two 1 oz servings taken at different times of the day).

You should only drink wheatgrass on an empty stomach as otherwise you may experience nausea. After you have consumed the wheatgrass juice you should let it be digested for at least half an hour before eating.

If you drink too much wheatgrass juice then you will experience nausea due to the high sugar content and detoxing effects of the juice. This can be combated by adding other juices to the wheatgrass juice to reduce its sweetness. Celery juice is an ideal partner because it has a natural savoury taste due to its high levels of sodium.

Another technique to reduce the sweetness of the wheatgrass is growing the grass hydroponically instead of in soil. Hydroponically grown wheatgrass still has the excellent nutritional properties of wheatgrass grown in soil.

Wheatgrass juice is a great cleansing agent for the intestinal tract but if you drink and acts as a natural laxative but if you consume too much then you will be needing to visit the toilet more often that desired.

For most people 1-2 oz a day is the amount taken if taking wheatgrass juice for maintaining good health. People taking wheatgrass for the treatment of disease often take 4-8 oz of juice per day but some of this will not be drunk, it will be taken as a wheatgrass enema or as a wheatgrass implant.

Your body will adjust to the cleansing powers of wheatgrass with continued use and you will be able to drink more without the side effects of nausea. Listen to your body and start off with small amounts.